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Application Management

SAP services delivered by Waddaya helps businesses achieve the twin goals of reduced costs and increased value. Waddaya is among one of the companies which provide these services as it has extensive and a leadership team of experienced professionals.

Database Optimization

Comprehensive database monitoring enables to identify the problem areas in your database environment that are degrading performance. After identified the areas to improve, we can tune your databases’ performance..

OS Support

One of the challenging tasks of a SAP project is the designing of a SAP implementation which works well with your systems. Architecture design is an important area where a huge difference can be made with the help of our experts.

Mobile Integration

SAP on mobile like Top business reports, Analytical Dashboard and critical system alerts

Who We Are

Waddaya focus on servicing the Technical Support on ERP for Public and private sectors. We undertake systems and application management activities, offer specialist technology centers and a highly cost-effective virtual development environment as part of our offshore operations in India.
Waddaya Solutions is a complete Service provider of Application Management services and solutions.We believe in a philosophy of ethical and transparent business practices with all customers, vendors and employees to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and benefit.

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